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Welcome to the High Polymer Research Group (HPRG). We exist in order to promote polymer science through the organisation of annual conferences, currently held at Pott Shrigley in the Peak District, a picturesque part of Northern England. The HPRG is a non-profit-making charitable organisation that has organised the series of high-level international conferences extending over fifty years: the first 43 years of meetings being held at Moretonhampstead, a name synonymous with the Group.

The HPRG conference attracts active participation from academia and industry from around the world, with a diverse representation of age and experience. Full and frank exchange of ideas is a characteristic of the meetings and we make room in the programme for such exchange, with no records or proceedings being made or published: colleagues are also requested not to make public reference to discussions that take place so that the free exchange of views is fostered.

The conference location is chosen to allow colleagues to take advantage of a range of leisure and sporting activities, and despite the informal nature of the meetings, important traditions are still upheld. These include the afternoons being used for leisure activities or lively debate on science, and the wearing of HPRG ties and scarves at the Conference Dinner on the final evening of the meeting.

The 2013 conference was well attended with a larger percentage of younger researchers and industry people than usual. Industrial sponsorship used to support younger researchers to attend the conference was slightly less than last year - no doubt a measure of the hard economic times we live in. The 2014 meeting has been arranged, the theme being "Sustainable Polymer Science and Engineering" encompassing synthesis and polymer electronics in its scope and promises again to be a high quality meeting. The 2014 programme for 'Sustainable Polymer Science and Engineering' page has details of speakers and their contributions so please take a moment to look at the page. This year we have included a new page on the website 'Dates and Themes of Future Meetings' setting out the working titles and organisers of HPRG meetings up to 2017

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Prof. Anthony J Ryan OBE

The background image on this page is based on an electron micrograph of polystyrene-silica colloidal nanocomposite particles, courtesy Steve Armes (more about this photograph).

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