2013: Supramolecular Self - Assembly

Photograph of the speakers at the 2013 conference.

Back Row: Dave Adams; Bert Meijer; Peter Budd; Alessandro Troisi.
Centre Row: Darrin Pochan; Takashi Uemura; Olle Ikala; Steve Armes; Oren Scherman.
Front Row: Monica Olvera de la Cruz; Francoise Winnik; Fiona Meldrum; Tony Ryan (Chair HPRG Council); Lorna Dougan; Sir Fraser Stoddart.

HPRG 53rd Meeting

Sunday 28th April - Thursday 2nd May, 2013
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

Conference Chairmen: Professor Andrew Cooper and Dr Aline Miller


1 Dr Dave Adams (University of Liverpool)
"Supramolecular Hydrogels"
2 Professor Peter Budd (Manchester University)
"Making space: nanoporous materials in nanoporous polymers"
3 Dr Lorna Dougan (University of Leeds)
"Extreme self-assembly: single molecule characterisation of extremophilic protein folding"
4 Professor Olli Ikkala (Aalto University)
"Polymeric supramolecules and hierarchical self-assembly"
5 Professor Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo (Princeton University)
"Organic electronics and solar cells; controlling structure and device characteristics via self-assembly"
6 Professor Bert Meijer (Eindhoven institute of technology)
"Functional Supramolecular Polymers; synthesis, characterization, properties and applications"
7 Professor Fiona Meldrum (University of Leeds)
"From Small Molecules to Colloidal Particles: Using Soluble Additives to Control the Structure and Properties of Crystals"
8 Professor Monica Olvera de la Cruz (Northwestern University)
"Charge and composition patterns in ionic fibres, gels and membranes"
9 Professor Darrin Pochan (University of Delaware)
"Exotic nanoparticles with block copolymer design and solution construction with kinetic control"
10 Dr Oren Scherman (University of Cambridge)
"Cucurbiturils at the Interface between Supramolecular Chemistry and Materials Science"
11 Professor Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern University)
"Polycatenanes and Polyrotaxanes"
12 Professor Alessandro Troissi (University of Warwick)
"Relation between structure and properties in semiconducting polymers and their interfaces"
13 Dr Ian Tucker (Unilever)
"Polymer Surfactant Adsorption at the Oil-Water Interface"
14 Professor Takashi Uemura (University of Kyoto)
"Polymer Chemistry in Coordination Nanospaces"
15 Professor Francoise Winnik (University of Montreal)
"Thermoresponsive properties of amphiphilic polymers in mixed aqueous solutions"

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Polymer Physics have kindly provided free access to review papers associated with this year's topic of Supramolecular Self - Assembly. Access will be available until August 2013:

Supramolecular assembly of polymers

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